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A funny, nice, nonsentient misspelled seed plant carpel

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And the other thing is the recruiter I’m working with wrt the other job told me she wasn’t going to let it get past the end of this week without an answer and how am I supposed to say yes or no when I have this interview with a place I’d much rather work on Tuesday and but I don’t know if I even have a chance?

idk I might as well just post on here. readmore bc i’m paranoid

pls click if u think u can adult for me

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spicewitch replied to your post “spicewitch replied to your post “None of the adults I know are…”

omg running away crying to my cheese n crackers n juicey juice rn :((((

joining u tbh

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spicewitch replied to your post “None of the adults I know are available. Is anyone here an adult?”


I need an adultier adult

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Do you see any of yourself in either Cap or in Steve Rogers?

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None of the adults I know are available.

Is anyone here an adult?

I’m so fucked. I need to talk to an adult.

I feel a profound sadness .___.

Ok what the fuck happened to my tire

… lmao the egg place is in the same building as my gyno. I knew it seemed familiar.






is… a bear going to come into my room? my room on the third floor, in the middle of a city? are you going to SEND the bear, is that what this is saying

I think it’s saying trash will attract bears.

I’m pretty sure it means a bear will come into your bathroom actually

Maybe it’s for trailer parks or cabins that are anarchist communes. I mean, only collectivist groups could come up with the term “trash room”

There’s a bear on its way to your house right now

Ugh I feel like it would be cool to work at the egg place and actually speak French and the interview is TODAY (!!!) so there’s actually a chance I might hear back p quick but if Mr. Construction Guy actually gets his act together and offers me a job idk if I’ll be able to stall until I hear back from egg place?? And I don’t want to turn it down and then *not* get the egg job but like :////

I haven’t actually gotten any job yet so I really shouldn’t be counting my eggs yet.

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I love EROS so much you guys