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Sadly, this is the purview of many (if not most) fathers’ rights activists. To them, “fathers’ rights” means the right to be a father only when it is convenient.

Well, I think this one is a bit unfair, I mean a huge Feminist fight is the right for women when to choose motherhood even if it’s just convenience leading to make that decision. Men really do have little choice in that matter. Of course, abandoning a living child with needs should never be equated to pregnancy termination though. I just can’t think of a better solution than child support to their half of the issue. 

Otherwise, I usually love this meme. I think this needs some clarification before the trolls bite. What IS a feminist standpoint on the reproductive rights of men? Somepony help me here. 

Men have the option to take responsibility for their own reproductive choices, ie using condoms, getting a vasectomy if they never want children, etc. And they *do* have an awful lot of leeway to get out of the child’s life that a woman doesn’t have. Child support is a minuscule price to pay compared to actually raising a cchild.

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    I read somewhere that they were developing hormonal bc for men, but it had side effects like irritability and bloating...
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    Yeah really, and I have second hand experience (My mother and biological father) showing how easy it is to get out of...
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