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Taken from my friends’ Instagram.

Holy internalized misogyny, Batman!

I mean, really?

This is what living in a male dominated society creates… women that hate other women (and thus themselves) so much, they think it’s laughable and deserving when a woman is involved in a domestic violence situation.

I don’t care who the person is (famous, your friend, your mom), how they present themselves, what their past is or who they currently are, whatever… this attitude is why I hate those special snowflake girls who think they’re “better” or “different” from girls, and mock them being abused by men.

These comments are both disgusting and depressing (and all too unsurprising) but I had to wince a little at the bitter irony of “I hate those special snowflake girls” after a paragraph talking about how poisonous woman-on-woman hate is.

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    Except I totally get where that comment comes from. I get apocalyptically frustrated with women who continue to...
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