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My feelings!!! Toph was my favorite character of ATLA, and I was really fond of Lin.. dammit.


Can we just stop all our ship wars and everything else to appreciate this perfect character that is Lin Bei Fong?

She understands Tenzin is a councilman and even though it’s gonna be awkward as hell she’s still willing to protect Tenzin’s family so he can go kick some Equalist ass. And then when the Equalists do attack, she’s practically fighting an army of Equalists by herself and still manages to hold them off, until the kids arrive and help her but even when she’s about to die her main concern is still the kids.And then erghhhh the third gif she knows her main priority should be to protect Korra, the Avatar. But she’s trusting Korra to take care of herself and going with Tenzin because that’s how much she cares about protecting this family. Tenzin and the kids are the last airbenders in the world and she understands that and even though she should be protecting Korra she goes along with Tenzin. The last gif ohmygod THIS IS WHERE MY FEELS JUST EXPLODED ALL OVER THE SCREEN.CAN SOMEONE JUST GIVE THIS WOMAN A FUCKING OLYMPIC MEDAL.HELL GIVE HER AN OSCAR OR GRAMMY CUS SHE JUST DERSERVES ALL THE FUCKING AWARDS. LOOK AT HER FACE. THAT FACE WHERE SHE SIGHS JUST BREAKS MY FUCKING HEART She’s fully aware that by holding off the airships she’s not gonna make it back out alive, or be able to keep her bending. She looks at the kids’ and Pema’s faces and just thinks ‘I have to do this.’ and swings like a badass and takes out a whole fucking airship.


That’s right Meelo. Lin Bei Fong runs this fucking show.

This has been will forever be  a Lin Bei Fong appreciation post  blog life.


  • some stuff happens
  • I wanna marry Lin Bei Fong