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people who complain about guys hitting on them

wow your life must be hard guys find you attractive that must suck a lot i feel for you

well it’s annoying to have inappropriate things said to you. 

it’s not all sweet little comments.

wow are you serious here

do you know how much harassment someone can get for being “attractive”?? how they have to deal with not only men (and just people on general, too) who feel completely entitled to say whatever they want as long as it can be taken as a compliment (or not) and people like you who insist that they have no right to complain because “attention is attention stop complaining you brought this on yourself for [x] reason(s)”

it’s uncomfortable as fuck it’s harassment in some cases it’s not all glamour and cordial compliments and gentlemanly little offhand comments

i’ve had someone call me a slut before and they told me to take it as a compliment 

cause they thought i was hot or something, that made it 0k!!!? ? ?

Yeah wow poomeatsix you really do not know what you are talking about.